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In Christian Worldview

It aims to lead students to reveal their identity in God and how to be part of the 4th Wave of Missions that He is already preparing.

The world has changed in recent years: globalization, technology, postmodernity and longing for identity. People are mobilizing everywhere and, again, God wants to raise a new multigenerational wave to cover the earth with his knowledge.

In this new wave, all vocations will be welcome, as the challenge is to disciple all areas of society in all nations!

Following the word of Matthew 6:33 “seek first your Kingdom and your Justice”, we are calling on all those who do not only want to follow a lifestyle, but want above all to seek and bring the Kingdom of God and his Justice on earth!

In an environment of learning together and being taught by the Holy Spirit, students and teachers will be seeking from the Lord understanding about this moment of missions, about how to reach the 8 areas of influence of society and how we can be everything that He wants us to be in our generation. !


If this is your desire, join us in Immersion .

Location: YWAM Base in Florianópolis

The Waves of Modern Missions:

1st Missionary Wave 1792 - William Carey - coastlines

2nd Missionary Wave 1865- Hudson Taylor - countryside

3rd Missionary Wave 1934 - Cameron Townsend - cross-cultural

4th Missionary Wave - multigenerational - missional calling


Course Program

Aligning the Basics

- Kingdom of God: bringing his will to earth.

- Co-creating with God: being co-participants in the divine nature.

- Biblical epistemology: Knowledge from the Kingdom point of view.

- Waves of Modern Missions: Christian movements in history.

- Discipleship of Nations: reaching the 8 Areas of Influence of society.

- Biblical worldview applied to 8 Areas: seeing everything from the perspective of God.

- Embracing our Vocation: Our call and destiny in God.

- Let the Word live: Nourishing our hearts by the Word of God.

Generating Transformation

- Creativity and Innovation: Weaving reality through prayer.

- Pioneering with God: Going where we are not yet.

- Kingdom Justice: The Kingdom's response to a fallen world.

- Youth protagonism: The strength of young people in reaching the world.


- Forums and debates

- Creativity Workshops

- Simultaneous practices in areas of influence

- Meditation and Intercession

- Inductive Bible Study

- Classes

- Projects and interventions

- Actions within the Steps of Justice

- Mentoring Environment


Bibliography used and research

- Perspectives of the Christian Movement / Organizer Ralph Winter.

- Come Your Kingdom / Organizer Jim Stier.

- Discipling nations / Darrow Muller

- Vocation: leaving your signature in the universe / Darrow Muller

- Social Model of OT / Landa Cope

- Truth and Transformation / Vishal Mangawaldi

- The Kingdom between us / Maurício Cunha

- Learn to win using God's techniques / Loren Cunningham

- Faith and finances in the Kingdom of God / Loren Cunningham

- Resource Booklet of the University of the Nations

- What is integral mission / Rene Padilha

- Courageous Leaders / David Hamilton and Howard Malmstad

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