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Steps of Justice

A Youth With A Mission ministry with the objective of raising awareness, educating and promoting actions in favor of Justice.

“For I, the Lord, love justice and hate theft and all evil” Isaiah 61: 8

Justice is part of the character of God, He has always been at the side of those who suffer, redeeming, liberating and acting in favor of justice. Because of his character he will always be against everything that is wrong, unjust and evil. As his followers, we also need to have the same attitude and fight against everything that is wrong in our world, doing justice. This is our responsibility, this is our mission!

Steps of Justice began from the contact that YWAM missionaries had with some injustices as they traveled the world sharing the love of Jesus. “No matter where we were in the world, we saw injustices, such as slave labor, child prostitution, drinking contaminated water, lack of educational opportunities, lack of medical care, extreme poverty, corrupt government, etc. Some of us asked, "What can we do?" So we started praying asking the same question, "Lord, what can we do for such big problems?" From the cry of our hearts came the answer! It was simple: "Do justice!" But how? "One step at a time!"





We believe that we are one body and your intercession makes all the difference.

reasons for prayer

  • Hearts Open to the Gospel

  • Metanoia - change of mind (Kingdom) 

  • finance

Investing in our missionaries

To carry out this project, each of us has personal expenses such as travel and food. 

Get in touch to find out how to invest (48) 98840-0692

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