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Learn how to use Business as Mission. 

The Business Transformation Seminar (BTS) teaches how to begin, consolide and manage a pious and profitable business with the purpose of extend the Reign of God in social spheres and nations.

The BTS was designed for those who has passion to know God and make Him know doing business for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission. This seminar will offer teachings of experienced entrepreneurs who has participated of Business as Mission (BAM) and professionals with experience in business management. You will learn how to use business to reach people in different cultures.

The BTS belongs to the international ministry Business With a Mission (BWAM) of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) which gathers, trains and establishes networks to bring the gospel to less reached people through business. BTS is also designed for entrepreneurs who need to apply biblical principles to their businesses and also aims to encourage Christian business owners to become more actively involved in the Great Commission.
This seminar is a course certified by the University of the Nations.

*Having completed a DTS - Training and Discipleship School is NOT a requirement to participate in the BTS, but if you wish to attend a DTS after the Seminar at our base, we will have the next one on May 25, 2024.

Course Dynamics:

Classes from Monday to Friday

Small groups to process classes and project advice

Devotional times and missionary meetings

New business possibilities and hearing your own ideas

Advice for developing the business plan

 Sólides Profiler* Behavioral Analysis Test Application

Some Topics that will be covered:
During BTS you will have the opportunity to develop your business's Business Plan and a Kingdom Business Plan step by step. Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to analyze businesses in missions that operate in different parts of the world and the keys to their permanence and success.

- How to use business to reach people out

- Biblical worldview of business

- God's heart for missions and business

- Values of YWAM and BWAM in Business (Calling, Coverage and Commitment to Business)

- Listening to God's voice in business

- The spiritual power of money

- Financial education (reasons for financial education, why entrepreneurs)

- Development of vision and mission

- Research into commercial and marketing proposals

- Team work


May 22nd until July 3rd, 2024

6 theoretical weeks in Florianópolis


Registration and payment methods:
Food, accommodation and seminar costs for the 6 weeks are included in the payment.
*Instalments on the card and for other questions, contact us via WhatsApp at +55 (48) 99669-8208


BRL 3.240,00
cash payment
Seminar Value BRL 3.400,00
* 50% of the amount before the start of the Seminar and 50% until 06/20/2023.
R$ 800.00
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