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History shows us that the University was born in the heart of Christians who understood the transforming power of education for the Society. guided by Kingdom principles and values. Over time, we have surrendered that authority and today we feel “ intruders” in our own home.


The first thing that needs to happen is to assume our role of influence again . We serve a God who is the owner of all knowledge and wisdom. We do not need and should not eat leftovers, while our Father has a large table for us and his children. Food that will bring answers to so many situations of injustice, lies and suffering that exist in this world.


We are called upon to make a difference! Redeeming the Areas of Influence of Society. Starting in the academic environment, where future professionals are trained, who will bring, through understanding and intimacy with God, the Kingdom on Earth, in their daily lives.

We see the example of Daniel, who stood firm in the face of Babylon's delicacies. He resisted all situations that threatened his faith. And so he became an advisor to Kings and a Nation.

There are data that estimate that 68% of young Christians deviate from the faith when they reach university reality. We know that there is a very strong discourse to weaken their beliefs and pressure that comes from the context, to persuade these young people to abandon their faith. We have been challenged to pray and develop training to prepare the youth before entering university.

In the last 5 years we have been inserted in the university region, in the heart of Florianópolis . On one side we have UFSC with its 40 thousand students and on the other side we have UDESC with 10,000 students. Young people from all over the world are around us.

We were challenged by God to look at this window of opportunity, which is the University Campus. Looking at the young person as this catalyst for change. Minds and hearts transformed by the Word to transform their reality, being an agent of transformation .

We have carried out many actions in these years, but the most important thing is to support the 12 Christian groups working on the UFSC campus. We have understood in God that we no longer need to be a group, but rather to strengthen, support and encourage groups that are already active and help to keep the movement of God on Campus .

How we do it:

- We support having our base for your meetings and gatherings;

- We channel a lot of our training and workshops to tool and awaken these young people;

- We organize meetings to nurture and pray with the leaders of these groups;

- We support the events and programs that the groups hold.

Our challenges:

        - Workers with vision and commitment to this ministry;

- Investors for a new project: Setting up a Student Housing;

- Team of intercessors.


Come and join us in this movement!

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