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Discipleship Night School

It has the purpose of forming missional christians to act in all areas of influence of society, encouraging an intimacy with God and a character like Christ's.

It is a school in partnership with local churches, for those who do not have much time for a full-time course. It operates two nights a week for 3 months and is open to people from all churches in Florianópolis.
However, this year 2021 we will run the DNS at our base.


Deepen the Relationship with God and with others.
To lay the foundations for the development of the character of Christ in us.
Promote an integral Christianity through a biblical worldview
Assist in reflecting on your vocation and mission in the world.
Activate Christians as agents of transformation in the areas of influence of society.



August to October 2021
Tuesdays and Thursdays
(Face-to-face and Online)


YWAM Floripa Base: Rua Arlindo Pena, 70, Córrego Grande - Florianópolis


Registration : 90.00 reais - (Includes: Book, Handout and Meditation Notebook)
Investment : 100.00 reais per month. The first monthly fee must

be paid in the first class.

This amount does not include the expenses of the outreach.


Elisângela 48 996682147

List of Lessons:


Hearing the voice of God

Devotional Time


Character and Nature of God

Fatherhood of God

Biblical Worldview

Sin and Redemption


Forgiveness and Restitution

Clear conscience

Fear of the Lord

The Kingdom of God

Areas of Influence of Society

Transcultural Missions

Waiver of Rights


Spiritual battle




Fabiano Antunes - Director of YWAM Floripa.
Elisângela - Coordinator of Creation & Events in YWAM Floripa.
Ireu Barros - Director of the School of Biblical Studies in YWAM Curitiba.
Claúdia Gonçalves - Missionary and coordinator Casa da Esperança Itapeva / SP
Daniel Alencar - Minister of Praise and Leader of the Ministry Abba Pai - Fhop.
Rafa Inácio - Director of CADI Palhoça / SC.
Gilson Batista - President of the Silóe Project. Missionary of the Independent Ig.Presbiteriana.

And many others ...


  • Viviana Mendoza Álvarez - Coordenadora da Eted Protagonista.

  • Fabiano Antunes – Diretor de Jocum Floripa, preletor e estudante de Ciências Socias.

  • Elisângela Antunes – Coordenadora de Projetos.

  • Paulo Fidelis – Missionário da Base de Jocum Florianópolis.

  • Hiago Angelucci – Diretor da Base Jocum Almirante de Tamandaré.

  • Claúdia Gonçalves – Missionária e coordenadora Casa da Esperança Itapeva/SP. 

  • Gilson Batista – Presidente Projeto Silóe. Missionário da Igreja Presbiteriana Independente. 

  • Luíz Araújo - Coordenador do Ministério Casa do Pai, palestrante e tecnólogo em aconselhamento.

  • Ariadna de Oliveira - Coordenadora de projetos no Haiti, palestrante, missionária e fotógrafa.

  • Outros à confirmar.

06 de Junho até 19 de Setembro de 2024


    Base da JOCUM Floripa: Rua Arlindo Pena, 70, Córrego Grande - Florianópolis


Inscrição: R$:100,00 reais – (Inclui: Livro, Apostila e Caderno de Meditação)
Investimento:  3x de R$:230,00. 

A primeira mensalidade deverá ser paga na primeira aula.


Elisângela Antunes:  (48) 9668-2147

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