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Steps of Justice

Understanding the concept of justice in the Bible and what God asks of his

people. How do we get involved with the issues of injustice around us and

what steps can we take to manifest the Kingdom of God in

amid human suffering.








Fourth Wave

To know the Christian movements of transformation in history, the Waves of Modern Missions and the current Wave that God is raising:

multigenerational, vocational and focused on areas of influence. As

we can impact our generation through our vocations.

Connecting Generations

Understand the changes of our time, modernity and post-modernity, the characteristics of different generations: Baby Boomer, X, Y and Millenials and their generational role in the face of the challenges of the new generation.

Transformation 4/14

For those who want to learn new strategies on how to work with

"Janela 4/14" - Children and teenagers from 4 to 14 years old. Camp of

Transformation, the Curriculum of the 8 areas of influence with resources for

parents, teachers and leaders of children and adolescents.

Co-creating with God

Creativity workshop, learning to co-create with God, based on listening to His voice, discovering gifts and abilities and generating seed projects that reflect His character, our identity, always

promoting transformation.

Christian worldview

What is a worldview? The different worldviews that exist and how to transform them. What are the bases for developing a Christian mind and founding your

ministry and vocation. Kingdom culture and its transforming role in

society today.

Contact us to schedule training Worshops for your Church or group.

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