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YWAM ( Youth With A Mission)   is a global family of 18,000 volunteers engaged in waves of transformation in more than 180 countries, including the most remote places and in all spheres of society: religion, family, government, economics, arts, education, media and sciences. Connected through circles of relationships, time cycles and geographic circuits, until reaching the poor, the small and the excluded, for the redemption of everything and everyone. Our motto is: Know God and make Him known!


We are an expression of YWAM in Florianópolis. We want to know more about God, listening to His voice and obeying. Becoming more like Jesus, thus generating transformation around us.

Our Base:

Our missionary base is on the Island of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, in the Córrego Grande neighborhood, divided into 2 Houses located in a region close to UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina), where more than 40 thousand students live.

Going to this neighborhood was a direction from God to be in the "Heart of the City", in order to reach young people and be in a strategic place that reflects our vision of reaching the Areas of Society: Family, Church, Education, Government, Economy, Communication, Science and Arts.

Our values:


Initiative - Not conforming to the presented reality, but acting to transform it.

Responsibility - Posture of giving answers and assuming your role.

Interdependence - We depend on God and each other.

Achievement - Fulfill a purpose, a life mission.

Challenge - Prioritize pioneering spirit by provoking new initiatives.

Personnel - Respect and value the potential of each individual.

Authentic - What we do is the result of who we are.

Goal oriented - Having direction and purpose that lead us to common results.

Our Postures:

• Intimacy with God

• Passion for justice

• Youth protagonism

• Integral christian worldview

• Transformation of society

• Love for peoples and cultures

Our story:


In 1981 the couple Carlos and Débora Leitzke came to Florianópolis in a pioneering way, opening a support base to mobilize young people for the Christian volunteer service. Since then, many young people have left here taking transformation to different parts of Brazil and the world.

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