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The School of Fundamentals in Biblical Studies (BCC) is a course at the Faculty of Christian Ministries of the University of the Nations.

The purpose of BCC is to lead the student to obtain a deep and personal knowledge of the Bible through the inductive method that covers observation, interpretation and personal application.


The course gives students an understanding of the inductive study of the Bible, learning to think critically, equipping them with tools for life. Students read the entire Bible and every type of biblical genre is studied, with books from both the Old and New Testaments. All types of teaching and learning styles are experienced. Students learn to memorize and meditate on the Word. They have the opportunity to gain experience in facilitating a Bible study and improving their skills in teaching and preaching the Word. They study Hebrew poetry through Psalms and Proverbs and the historical background of each book.

To Society's Spheres of Influence:

 Movél - in YWAM Floripa will work with a focus on the 7 spheres of influence of society: Family - home / Religion - the church / Education - schools / Government - politics / Media - communications / Arts - entertainment and sports / Economy - business , commerce / Science and technology.

These are the key areas for discipleship and

transformation of a nation and you will develop

a solid foundation in the Word to exercise your

vocation within the Area of ​​influence that God

has called you.

Information on the theoretical phase:

The school lasts for 12 weeks:

We will study Bible books that represent

different literary forms, such as: some epistles in the

New Testament, the gospel of Mark, Revelation,

historical books and prophetic books; including

general knowledge about the Old Testament,

Hebrew poetry, in addition to information about culture,

history, economics, politics and geography of the time

to the studied book.

The course essentially consists of personal study, with classes being taught every week, in the morning.

Materials needed for the study:

The student will receive a Bible and a booklet of Introduction to BCC, as well as receive during the course without any cost all the handouts or materials that the teachers deliver.

In addition, the student will need to have the following materials for personal use:

  • Notebook;

  • Crayons of various colors (suggestion for crayons: STAEDTLER);

  • Ruler;

  • Pencil;

  • Pencil sharpener;

  • Eraser;

  • A4 size plastic bags (for delivery of works);

  • Portuguese language dictionary.

It is extremely important during school to use a computer or notebook, we suggest that you bring it to use during classes and to carry out personal work.

Inductive study of the Bible in the 7 areas of influence of society.

Approaches: The Bible and human rights; Characteristics of slavery in the Old Testament,
Characteristics of slavery in the Roman empire; The Bible and slavery.

Approaches: Family and Identity; Biblical concept of family and its purpose; The role and importance of
each member (Father, Mother, children - Ephesians 5); Biblical Model x Postmodern Model; What is a
identity? How does your training take place ?; What the Bible teaches about identity.

Approaches: Action and social justice; The church and the needy; Christianity and persecution (In the church
primitive and modern);

Approaches: Communication; Biblical concept of communication; The importance of communication; THE
communication and the media in the history of the Church; Communication in cross-cultural missions;

Approaches: Church; The holiness of God and his people; Worship and sacrifices; The tabernacle and the temple;
The role of the church; differences between Israel and the Church; The concept of the priesthood;

Approaches: Education and Society; The importance of Education; Education and family; Education and government;
God as the great teacher / teacher; Reflect on how God sees the 7 areas of influence of

7. I and II KINGS
Approaches: Government; Models of Governments throughout the Bible and history; The Government's purpose; THE
government authority; Delegation of authority to the people; The legal sector; Theocentrism and monarchy
in Israel; Division of the empire; subjection to other empires.

Approaches: Psalms: Arts and Entertainment; Scripture, art and the artist; The relevance of expressions
artistic; Characteristics of Hebrew poetry; Biblical worship;
Proverbs: Reflect on the importance of philosophical thinking; discuss the concept of “Wisdom”.

Approaches: Government and Science;

Approaches: Economics; Biblical concept of economics; The economic models found in the bible;
Wealth and Poverty; God's attributes in this area; Tithes and offerings in the Old and New Testament;


What is required to participate?


1. Complete the registration form;

2. To have completed the DTS satisfactorily (School of Training and Discipleship);

3. Have the recommendation of the YWAM Pastor or Leader;

4. Not having debts in your Base;

5. Pay the registration fee.



August 15th to November 8th

Where will it happen?

YWAM Floripa

Rua Arlindo Pena, 70, Santa Mônica, Florianópolis


Registration: R $ 400.00

Investment: R $ 3250.00 or 3x of R $ 950.00

* This amount covers: accommodation, meals, Study Bible, school costs and teachers.

School contact:


Iohannes - 31 99474-1395

Raone - 11 99994-4387


Base hosting contacts:


Lizandra - 21 98248-1204

Source View Bible

During school, we will use the Source View Bible App, as an optional tool for observing the books studied to bring more understanding about the Spheres of Society.

The Source View application Bible is more than a digital version of the Bible, it is a totally new experience that takes you to a deeper look at the Scriptures that can be used to shape a Christian Worldview.

You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

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