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"To know god and make him known through business"


The Masterclass BWAM will happen in the first week of the Business Transformation Seminar with the speakers Marcelo and Vick Echeverría, Directors of the Bwam Ibero América Network with extensive experience in Business with a Mission and who currently work at Bwam Spain. Topics that will be covered:


  • Vision and values of BWAM - Your Fruitful Practices.

  • Introduction to the 18 YWAM Values applied to business.

- Listen to the voice of God in business,

- Servant leadership and teamwork,

- Practice dependence on God in finances,

- Being visionary: receiving, nurturing and releasing new vision from God,

- And much more...

  • Worldview and biblical basis for business.

  • Bwam models throughout history: William Carey - The Moravians - The Silk Road


Business With A Mission is branch from Youth With A Mission that empower missionaries called to use business as strategy in restricted peoples and trains those who have a calling to the business sphere in the body of Christ.

The Masterclass will happen in two modes:

Online and in person

in face-to-face mode you will have an experience in the YWAM Floripa's base and can interact with our staffs, students ans speakers from the Seminar.

in online mode you will have access to live classes, enjoying the Masterclass in the comfort of your home or work environment.



Investment: BRL 485,00

Lunch and seminar costs are included in the payment, accommodation are not included.

*In case of cancellation, amount will not be refunded.
No schedule date

For more information and questions, get in touch

+55 (31) 91006-2016 Thaiza - Bwam Brasil Coordinator

In person
No Scheduled date

Maiores informações e dúvidas entrar em contato

+55 (11) 94945-5139 



Investimento: Oferta de valor à  sua escolha

Basta preencher o formulario, assinalar a opção online e ao final fazer uma oferta de valor à sua escolha

* Em caso de desistência o valor não será reembolsado

This MasterClass is part of the BTS (Business Transformation Seminar).

Which will take place for the first time in Brazil in person in Florianópolis - SC

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